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Behala Bodhayan is an Association of parents of the persons with mental retardation, autism, cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities and has been working for their education, vocational training, welfare, social integration and rehabilitation. We have also involved ourselves into finding solutions of many other forms of social problems, which we find very intimately related to our main agenda, and we understand, is absolutely necessary to attain our main goal.

The Association is registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act vide Registration No. S/IL/5204 of 2001-02 dated 3rd September, 2001, recognized by the Commissioner for the persons with Disabilities vide No. 36-Com (2003-04) dated 22nd May, 2003 and registered with National Trust vide Registration No. 2536/MR/2004 dated 28th January, 2004. Our Special School has been granted Academic
Recognition by Mass Education Extension Department of the Govt. of West Bengal vide Memo No. 308/MEE/Sectt.EM/0/3'S'-86/05 dated 23rd March, 2006. Also we are an enlisted Parent's Association with the National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped, Secunderabad.

Our Organisation has been awarded Premlata Peshawaria National Award - 2006 as the best Parent's Association in India for perpetuating the strength of Indian Mothers, fostering cohesion in the family and upholding the social values that are crucial for healthy community living for the persons with disabilities. The citation of the Award noted that during a short period of 5 years Behala Bodhayan has made significant contribution by bringing the families together and teaching various skills to the persons with the above four categories of disabilities and making them useful citizens of the society.

Mission :

  • To facilitate opportunities in order to empower and enable persons with disabilities through education, vocational training, care, inclusive education, income generation and social integration.
  • To strengthen families so that after the demise of their parents such children can be taken care by their legal guardians or other eligible persons / registered organisation.
  • To enhance parent's co-operation and association for taking care of children with mental retardation, autism, cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities.
  • To develop family support programmes for the children with disabilities which include, training of parents and siblings, awareness within the family and relatives in order to keep, their environment free from physical and psychological barriers.
  • To synergize community people for the need of partnership between governments, persons with disabilities, their families, voluntary organizations, special educators and the mainstream of the society.
  • To develop comprehensive centres with diagnostics, counseling and therapeutic services, self-help groups, sustainable services, district level information system and networks and multisectoral linkages.



Our Organisation is registered under the following Bodies

          • West Bengal Societies Registration Act vide No. S/IL/5204 dated 22/05/2003.


b)  Commissioner for the Persons with Disabilities, Government of West Bengal l vide No. 36-COM   (2003-04) dated 23/05/2003

c)   Mass Education Extension Department, Government of West Bengal Vide No. 308/MEE/Sectt/EM 3 S-86-05 dated 23/03/2306.

d)  Enlisted Parents Association with National Institute for Mentally  Handicapped (NIMH), Secunderabad.


e)  Affiliated member of Parivaar- National confederation of Parents Organisation and also Parivaar, Bengal Region.


f) National Trust of Government of India vide Registration No.  2536/MR/2004 dated 28th January, 2004

g) we are registered under 80(G) and 12(A) of Income Tax Act vide no.147110837 and DIT(E)/T-83/BE/168/2002-03 respectively  & FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) vide no. 147110837

h) we are registered under FCRA registration no.147110837

i) Our unique identification no issued by Gov. of India is WB/2017/0152408 dated 12th May, 2017

j) We are registered under department of family and health care, Govt. of West Bengal.

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