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Behala Bodhayan was one of the prime movers of National Trust Bill and made significant contributions at the seminar held at NIMH, Secunderabad in June 1996 to draft the outline of the National Trust which was later on enacted in 1999. Students trained at Behala Bodhayan regularly participate in various cultural programs and competitions, State and National level games and even the International Special Olympics and have come out with flying colours. Some of the students at Behala Bodhayan are now actually a bread earner for their families. Trained under our social integration program, about 70 students from our NGO have been accepted in normal schools. Some of our students have won prizes in competitions where children from normal schools were also present. Three of our students are now leading a normal married life and supporting their families’ independently. Our work has also been appreciated many times in the leading newspaper dailies of the state and also in Doordarshan, the Indian national television network.

  • Behala Bodhayan has been recognized and awarded for the contribution made towards the welfare of the persons with mental retardation  and other associated disabilities  on a number of occasions including the very prestigious “Premlata Peshawaria National Award - 2007”  as the best Parents’ Association in India for perpetuating the strength of Indian Mothers, fostering cohesion in the family and upholding the social values that are crucial for healthy community living for the persons with disabilities.

  • Our students participated in Special Olympics at the National level and also in Canada and USA. One of our Students, Ranjan Dutta, has been selected for the Special Olympics Summer Games to be held in China in the year 2007.

  • The students of the talent haunt for the special children organized by the Govt of WB  (Mass education dept) owned the first prize in Drama competition.

  • Govt of West Bengal annual award 2010, as the best organisation for providing continuous and exemplary services to the persons with disabilities.
  • Behala Bodhayan participated in "Badte Kadam", a programme of the National Trust organised by Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy at the Metro channel of Kolkata on 8th November, 2011.

  • Behala Bodhayan celebrated the World Disabled's Day by organizing a rally on 3rd December, 2011. Around 250 persons including persons with disabilities, their parents, students from regular schools, members of different clubs, social workers, special educators, teachers and staff of Behala Bodhayan and other normal and special schools participated in this rally titled "Walk for Us With Us". It was an integrated rally. The main theme of the rally was "Keep Kolkata Clean" and "Save the Green Earth".

  • Training for Special Needs on Soft Kits was arranged by the Science Association of Bengal in collaboration with Rashtriya Vigyan Prajukti Parishad, New Delhi was arranged from 5th to 9th February, 2012 at Children's Paradise School, Kolkata. Two vocational instructors and 8 vocational students participated in this training programme.

  • A student of our Secondary Unit, Anish Nandi received the best student award from Mass Education Extension Department, Government of West Bengal for the year 2011-12. The award was handed over to him at Sisir Mancha on 7th February, 2012.

  • Our student  Ranjan Dutta participated in the Special Olympics held in Gujrat, 2013 and secured 2nd Prize August in Volleyball.

  • 3rd. December 2013. Disabled Day was organised all over India. WB Government arranged for various Programmes on this occasion throughout the day. Our students Participated in the rally of disabled persons held at Rani Rashmani Road in the morning. In the afternoon they participated in a cultural programme at Rabindra Sadan where His Excellency M K Narayanan, Governor of the State of West Bengal and other important Ministers were present along with senior Govt. officials.

  • 14th – 19th December 2013 - Five of our students namelyAditaya, Adak, Abir Bose, Rabin Sau, Piltu Das and TanmoyBhattaraya participated in a trekking programme at Mathubaru Hills, Purulia organized by Mountaineering Association.

  • Behala Bodhayan participated in the All India Parivaar Meet on 15-16 February, 2013, where the Social Welfare minister assured us that our NGO will be a part of their advisory board.

  • 13th to 17th March. 2014.  Special Olympic, India circle of the handicapped persons was held at Delhi, where four of our students participated and all of them won prizes as mentioned below.

  1. Ayan Dutta                              Gold Medal                      Shot Put
  2. Rabin Shaw                            Gold Medal                      200 mtr Run
  3. Mrinmoyee Parmanik               Silver Medal                    Shot Put (Girls Section)
  4. Abir Bose                                Bronze Medal                  Shot Put
  • 23rd. March. 2014. A health camp was organized at our school premise for all the students of our school. Altogether 110 students were examined. Blood Group was determined beside Doctors specialized in Dental, Cardio, Medicine, Pediatrics, and Psychiatric examined the students.

Name : Khandubala Mondal
Father’s Name: Late Pachu Mondal
Address: 8/2, Jadav Ghosh Road
Kolkata – 700 061

This person was picked up by our Orgainsation as an orphan. She is a person with multiple disability and could not mention her parents identity. She was provided with permanent shelter in our Residential Care Centre and through the process of various training she has now adopt herself to do few basic things in life. She has proved herself to be a good cook and therefore has been provided with a job at our Organisation as an attendant.


Name: Rabin Shaw
Father’s Name: Shri Shankar Shaw
Address: Sonamukhi, Bagpota, Sarsuna, Kolkata – 700 061
Date of Birth: 3rd February, 1992

Master Rabin Shaw who is at present aged about 22 years was rescued by our Institution as he was living more or less a captive live with his parents who are daily wage earners. This boy had multiple disability with 100% hearing impairment and 75% mental retardation. Through the rigorous and patient process of training this boy can now perform various function including stitching, tailoring and maintenance. He is very dependent and loyal to the Organisation.

He has now been employed in our Organisation as a maintenance staff and doing a excellent job.
Name: Gaurav Ghosh

One of our students Gaurav Ghosh appeared for an interview with Kendriya Vidyalaya for the post of a teacher. Gaurav is an Honours graduate in English from an International University. He is on the Autism Spectrum. We are proud that he has come this far and wish him all the best for his future.
Comments :
  Abhijit was admitted in Behala Bodhayan was quite some time back.His attendance was irregular.His father used to ferry van-rickshaws.He used to sit silently and not do anything.The most disturbing habit was petty pilfering.Money and articles would be missing every now and then.When he was shifted to our home we noticed a visible improvement in doing his own work.We are optimistic about his future development.
- Abhijit Mondal

Barnali was a kid when she lost her father.She lived with her mother and a mentally challenged sister.What ever amount they received from rent they had to live within that meagre earnings.Though her mother used to be depressed trying to run the house with physically and mentally challenged daughters, she was very much keen in giving some education to her handicapped children.Barnali was admitted in Class4.Though she could not speak or hear she did show ample interest in drawing handicrafts and dancing.Owing to her physical,mental and financial limitations a lot of promise for this girl lay unfulfilled.Also this manifested into bouts of tantrums and at times even resorted to violence.All that has changed after she continued attending classes in Behala Bodhayan.Her temper is much under control.Her anger agaonst her Mother had also diminished.She now takes a lot of care for her handicapped younger sister.Also she looks forward to attending school and is well-adjusted with her other class-mates.A lot of work can be entrusted on her and she enjoys doing them with a sense of responsiblity.

Her sister is also attending the same school.Any project work given to Barnali is executed with lot of responsibility .It is our endeavour to ensure that by making them work alongside these kind of mentally and physically theycan be a great support and also independently stand on their feet.Currently in the absence of her Mother Barnali has taken upon the responsibilty of independently bringing up her sisterand doing all the household work.

- Barnali Bose

Pinku Ghosh was a normal baby at the time of birth.At the age of 5 years he started suffering from a foot related disease.In fact because of this he had to undergo an operation after which he could not be admitted in a normal school and had to take admission in a school for handicapped children. He continued there for ten to eleven years.After that he shifted to "Behala Bodhayan'.Here he is there for several years and his talents have also surfaced.From the start Pinku had aflair for painting.Through further coaching he has developed his painting and drawing skills even further.With the growing years he is becoming more mature and responsible.He helps his Mother in household duties.He can make purchases and also help his father who runs a ready-made garment shop .In his Father's absence he also runs the shop.He can calculate and keep track of accounts.Previously there were 5members in his household.Now it is just Pinku and his parents.Pinku speaks less and has a slight speech impairment.

Pinku also has a flair for writing.He has an experience of visiting some countries for participating in sports and games and he makes it a point to write his experience.He also can write stories and give suitable and graphic description in words.Pinku has a tremendous interst in sports where he has active participation.He has participated in various competitions both national and international.He has won several prizes.He has been able to mix well with other sportsmen .Currently Pinku is teaching students in Bodhadayan mainly in Arts and is well-liked and respected by his pupils.
- Pinku Das

After admitting in school his education had to be discontinued because of irregularity and staying absent after attending for thirteen days.After all he was suffering from Downs Syndrome.This made him sit idle and stare vacantly without speaking or interacting with anyone.At home there were aging parents and other siblings yet they were all too busy to to think about him.The family belonging to the lower-middle class somehow had the means to be able to just make ends meet.Samir was neglected as a child and any effort to brng him to school was rather difficult.It was next to impossible to get him do any work and even if any pressure was exerted he would cry and become more stubborn.Also he was not toilet trained.

The management of Behala Bodhayan were of the opinion that if Samir could somehow be removed from his home environment then there was every possibility of improvement in his growth as an individual.Four months back when he was brought to our Home Samir was very upset.He cried a lot and hated to stay but on persisting there was a remarkable change in him.This was way beyond the expectations of the Management.Samir seems to be a different person.He stays cheerful most of the time.He tries too speak a lot though his words are not that articulate because of speech problems.He tries to sing.He can dance.He can now eat without any help.He also serve food to others.He does all the work expected of him and also goes out of his way to do work for others.He no longer misses his original home and family and feels very much at ease with the other occupants of the home in Behala Bodhayan.

He can be entrusted with responsibility given to him and he does that whole-heartedly.Samir we are sure will develop into a very responsible member of Behala Bodhayan and make a real mark in society in the days to come.

- Samir Mondal

Sangita's father had gone missing when she was a small child.Her mother had to take up the job of an ayah to bring her up.While searching for handicapped children ,we spotted her standing in front of her house.She could neither speak,hear or understand any word.She could not even walk properly.In fact there was hardly any sign of a normal human being.When we approached her family and suggested her joining "bodhadayan" they objected initially.Finally they agreed when it was learnt that one of our workers was her neighbor and who was willing to take up the responsibility of escorting Sangita from her house to our institution and back on a regular basis.

Though we cannot claim that there has been a sea change in her conditions but we must admit that with our efforts Sangita ever she has started attending our school there is a definite improvement which is quite visible.She can walk,can understand and can reciprocate through body language.her toilet habits are regular and she is quite aware of hygiene.She can write her name,can make a garland out of beads.A person who had no sign of normalcy is now watching models in TV channels and trying to emulate their dancing gestures.All these activities apart from developing her skills in handicrafts to enable her to eke out a living is our goal.If only her family were not so financially deprived then she could obtain some more support and our efforts would be complemented in a better way.Currently Sangita is successful in assisting her mother to run a grocery shop.
- Sangita Das

Shukla lost both her parents when she was a child.She was brought up by a maternal uncle who had earned as a priest.

Her grandmother was suffering from a disease which left her bed-ridden.A neglected child Shukla whiled away her time roaming aimlessly in the roads.A marked change came about once she joined our school.Apart from learning to read and write she also learnt to draw ,stitch and participate in song and dance.A special ability in mixing with children was seen.Her loving and caring nature and her enthusiasm in activities related to children were executed with responsibility.In fact gone if trained properly she could be well-versed in household matters including cooking.Since financial constraints were there she received little help from her immediate family.She could have done a lot better and it is our earnest endeavour to see that these malnourished children are given some responsible work.Currently she is looking after her ailing grandmother.

- Shukla Choudhury

Sudeb was born in a family which lived below the poverty index.His father was a daily laborer and his Mother worked as a domestic help in a few households.We spotted him during one of our surveys and decided to admit him to our school.We could assess that the boy had lots of potential.He is now quite independent and does all his work himself so much so we can hardly feel that he is physically handicapped.His skills have been very much noticeable in painting and in football.Not only has he participated in this game but has played in various positions and has won prizes too.We were able to even identify a position in a factory manufacturing jute bags.Sudeb works there and is now happily married.
- Sudeb Kabiraj
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